Granite Countertop Services

Granite countertops have gained in popularity over the years. They are considered to be very beautiful and durable and are also resistant to bacteria and heat. This makes granite a popular choice for use in kitchens around the world. In addition, a granite countertop can look beautiful as long as it is properly maintained, and is easy to install in many different situations.

Granite countertops are not usually something that people think about until they need to replace one of them. If a homeowner takes good care of their countertops and is willing to invest in professional granite countertop service, they will find that they last for many years. However, even if you take good care of your countertops, there may be times when a repair is necessary. For this reason, it is important for homeowners to make sure that they hire a qualified and reliable company to perform any necessary granite countertop service. Here are some of the main services offered by Granite Restoration specialists:

Removing Old Kitchen Countertops. When people decide to replace their kitchen countertops, they often look for ways to get the most value for their money. This means that they will often hire an expert to remove old kitchen countertops and replace them with new granite slabs. Experts will know how to remove the old slab and ensure that the new one is installed properly. If the old granite slabs are not properly removed, they may crack, bend, or even break under the weight of the new slabs.

Baking Pot Materials. Hot pots are often left on top of granite kitchen countertops, which can cause discoloration and damage over time. Since granite is one of the hardest materials in the kitchen, bakers often do not want to use harsh chemicals or ovens when preparing baked food on top of it. However, if the granite slabs used in the kitchen countertops have cracks, chips, or other types of issues, it can make it extremely difficult to remove the hot pots.

Avoid Damaging Granite Countertops. Many homeowners choose to install solar panels on their homes, but even these solar panels can create issues if they are placed on granite countertops. Most granite countertops are heat-treated, and while they will retain their heat if placed in a sunny window, if they are left uncovered or “hot” for too long, they will begin to slowly heat up. If homeowners choose to place hot pots and pans on their granite countertops, they should be careful not to directly place them onto the hot plate, since this can also cause issues.

Replacing Countertops After Damage. If a homeowner accidentally breaks a stone countertop, they may choose to repair it rather than replace it. Some options available include replacing the entire slab. However, others prefer to replace the damaged stone. Because granite slabs are extremely durable, they can be easily repaired and many times they can be refinished so that they look like new again. However, if the damage is beyond repair, it is important to contact a company that offers granite countertop replacement services.

Granite Countertop Service Cost. Of course, some companies charge extra because they offer custom granite countertop installation. When companies decide to install granite countertops, they often use more expensive materials than standard countertops, which can be very expensive for homeowners. Because of this, many companies may ask for a higher estimate or require a high level of commitment to the project before paying for it. While some homeowners do have the budget to pay for the installation, they may be surprised to learn that countertop installation prices are much higher than they had expected.

Granite countertops are one of the best features of granite countertops. The durability, beauty, and practicality make granite the number one material to use in kitchen and bathroom countertops. While countertops made from granite can be very expensive, there are ways for homeowners to get great value and high quality for their money. These tips, along with a little bit of research, should help a homeowner find great granite countertops at a great price.